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There is something fishy about this one. You take on the persona of Bruce the Shark. The key is to avoid getting hit by chemical waste barrels and eat as many fish as you can. See how long you can survive!

UPDATE: Added lasers to shoot barrels out of the way. Watch out for ARMY crates that will reload your laser. Also grab medicine as it falls by to slow those barrels down!!

UPDATE: Changed laser count, now only depletes when in contact with barrel.


Install instructions

Extract files

Read the README text for rules and a brief rundown



Sprinting_Shark_V1.0.0.6.zip 27 MB


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Hey dude, i played your game and succeed a score of 719. Nice beggining simple but effective. After that i could'nt resist modifying your game, if you want i can share the result with you. 

Thanks, man! I would love that.

Here you go : I hope you'll enjoy